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Giving Back to the People That Give Everyday

Where do we start? Thank you to the Fowl and Fodder tribe for delivering and delivering BIG during our Kickstarter campaign last December. Since you exceeded our goal for the new cold-pressed juicer, Fowl and Fodder wants to explore better bottling options to deliver those cold-pressed juices to you: not just preparing them in-house, but to-go as well!

You are the ones that make this local food movement possible with your continued support, resources and funding. Let us remind you, we could not do this without YOU. Your loyalty continues to inspire and humble us in ways you can't even begin to imagine. When we make the call to action, you are always there to lend a hand.

But what about when the tables are turned? Some of you are now calling us to action. Some are sad that they missed the Kickstarter campaign and would still like to get their name up on the new community wall in the downtown Toledo space. And some just want the opportunity to be a part of whatever we do next.

Ask and you shall receive.

Since we exceeded our goal this past December, we only find it right that if you’re asking for another platform to get your name on the wall, that we also pay those donations forward this time round. When you donate to get your name up on our new community wall, we will also donate a portion of the proceeds we raise back to our friends over at Food For Thought.

Every month, Food For Thought mobile pantries provide food assistance at multiple partner sites throughout the Greater Toledo Area. They help people who face the realities of food insecurity, offering a choice of nutritious meal options, including shelf stable items and fresh produce. 15% of every donation we receive will be going right back to Food For Thought.

With your help, we'll finalize a bottling system for the distribution of fresh, cold-pressed juices, and help a local non-profit continue the amazing work they are doing for those in need of healthy food options. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in our mission to help Toledo eat better and eat local.

If you supported our first Kickstarter, our second one this past December, have been to our restaurant once, a handful of times, or you are one of our very special Fowl and Fodder regulars, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, and ask you to continue to be a part of this journey with us.

We are beyond excited about the future and vision that Fowl and Fodder has for our community. What makes Fowl and Fodder special isn't just our unique, creative food options. It's you.

Fowl and Fodder wants to make it easy for you to get involved with great projects all across Toledo. To get involved and donate to Fowl and Fodder and Food For Thought, simply click on the "Donate Now' image above, or follow the link located here.

For those who are donating and want to get your name up on the Fowl and Fodder community wall, please let us know in your paypal donation message box how you would like your name to appear.

If you are making a donation on behalf of a corporation, please send a high resolution version of your logo to us at after your donation has processed.

If you have any questions or trouble with the process, feel free to get in touch!